How LEGID Ensures Unique Quality Control For Users

As a LegalTech startup, one of our core values at LEGID is to ensure the quality of the services that we provide to our clients. We do this by maintaining a strict vetting process for the lawyers who are registered on our platform, as well as by constantly monitoring the performance of our lawyers through our sophisticated quality control system.

Our vetting process involves reviewing the educational background, professional experience, and credentials of each lawyer who applies to join our platform. In addition, we carefully monitor every question that is posted on our marketplace to ensure that only qualified lawyers are bidding on those questions, since we want to provide our clients with the best possible service.

To further ensure quality control, we have developed a sophisticated system that tracks the performance of our lawyers in real time. This system allows us to quickly identify and address any issues or concerns with the work being done by our lawyers. We also regularly review customer feedback and ratings to help inform our quality control efforts.

Furthermore, in the event of a dispute whereby a client is not satisfied with the work performed by a lawyer on our platform, we have an integrated dispute resolution system that allows us to respond quickly and fairly. This ensures that every transaction completed through LEGID meets the highest possible standards of quality and reliability, regardless of whether it involves simple legal advice or more complex matters like tenders or team formation.

For example, a dispute might arise if a client feels that the lawyer they hired did not provide the level of service that they expected, or if there was some misunderstanding about the scope of work to be performed. In such cases, our dispute resolution team would work with both the client and the lawyer to try to reach a resolution that is fair for all parties involved.

Our dispute resolution system is just one of the many ways in which we ensure quality control for our clients. By maintaining a high level of quality control, we are able to provide a better overall experience for both our clients and our lawyers, which is something that we are always striving for. We have yet to see a platform that does the same for clients!

If you are prepared to experience the best possible legal service, then LEGID is the platform for you. Whether you are a lawyer or a client, we invite you to join us today and experience the LEGID difference.