AI-powered legal marketplace, helping expats, digital nomads and foreign founders resolve legal matters via expert lawyers online, wherever they are.
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Trusted by over 600 clients and lawyers
Valentin Feklistov - CEO

Clients and lawyers struggle daily

Legal professionals struggle reaching potential clients, meanwhile battling admin tasks and unpaid invoices.

Millions of expats and foreign founders in the EU struggle finding good, affordable laywers.

Expatriates living in the EU.
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Foreign born founders in the EU.
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Solo law practices and small law firms in the European Union.
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A SaaS-enabled Markeplace

Legid helps clients and lawyers optimise their legal services experience, automate processes, reduce time, costs and hassle.

Real Experts

LEGID doesn't skip steps with time-wasting bots. Instead, we engage expert lawyers directly.

AI Matching

Our AI sorts questions by legal areas and sends only to relevant lawyers - saving time and headache.

Price Comparison

The ability to receive offers from several lawyers provides clients with the best value for money.


Our unique dispute resolution system protects both clients and lawyers in case of issues.

Quality Control

Each lawyer on the paltform is verified to ensure the strictest quality standards.


Automated invoicing and payments gives lawyers the piece of mind that all cases will be paid for.

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Active lawyers

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Stand-by lawyers

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In all 3 Baltic states


“I love the fact that I can deal with cases on the go. I could potentially live abroad and help clients in my home country remotely.”

Õnneli Matt    M.A., Õigusnõu Partner

Intuitive and easy-to-use

LEGID app is made with the user in mind.

The LEGID Team

We are a team of experts in a variety of fields with proven track-records. With a shared vision, we’re determined to ge the job done.

Valentin Feklistov
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Valentin Feklistov - CEO

Expert in international regulations, commercial, corporate, labour, migration, contract and civil law, IP, consumer protection. Responsible for bringing Yandex.Taxi to the EU.

Alex Bitskov
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Alexander Bitskov - COO

Marketing and multimedia professional. Lead and worked on projects in ed-tech, FMCG and pharma sectors (Coca-Cola, Pepsi-co, Astra Zeneca, Olympus, Seiko-Epson).

Jevgeni Shupilov
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Jevgeni Shupilov - CIO

Expert full-stack developer with over 13 years' track record working on a wide range of projects and start-ups. Node.js, React, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ASP.NET etc.

Jevgeni Kapparov
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Jevgeni Kapparov - CSA

Full-stack expert with over 10 years' experience leading teams in government, bank and betting projects. Fluent in .NET, Python, JavaScript / TypeScipt, as well as Django, Angular and React frameworks.

Ilja Bugreev
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Ilja Bugreev - CMO

Marketing expert with 7 years experience in PR & Digital Marketing area. Worked in gambling and fintech industries. Strong background in SEO, affiliate and social media marketing.

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