Do I pay before or after? / Principles of payment

The Payments are done exclusively using the function of cashless payment through a Linked Bank Card (as defined cl. 3.2 of the Terms of Use); in this case, LEGID acts on the authority of the relevant lawyer or otherwise involving an authorized payment processor and receives payments as an agent (as a commercial agent) of the lawyer (hereinafter referred to as cashless payments).

By taking an advanced payment LEGID guarantees to a client that the fee for the services will be transferred to a lawyer exclusively after completion of the work.

If a client disagrees with the fact and/or the amount of cashless payments and has any other questions associated with the use of the Linked Bank Card, it may contact LEGID through the help desk within 15 days from the date of cashless payments or any other actions or events that prompted the request.

Following the receipt of the services a client can initiate a dispute, then our Quality Control partner (hereinafter referred to as the QCP), being a professional in the field of expertise, shall resolve the dispute within 7 days as of the submission of the dispute. The QCP shall notify the parties of the dispute upon resolution of the dispute with a solution applied to the dispute.

If, following the inspection caused by such a dispute, LEGID decides to refund the fee for the services, in whole or in part, the said amount shall be refunded to the bank account of the Linked Bank Card. The refund shall be made involving an authorized payment processor and governed by rules of international payment systems.

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