Will AI Put Lawyers out of Business?

The legal profession is one of the few remaining industries that has yet to be disrupted by technology. But that may all be about to change, thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.

There are already a number of AI-powered legal services on the market, such as LegalZoom and Clio. These companies offer a much cheaper and faster alternative to traditional legal services.

According to various studies, AI technology will continue to provide new tools and features to enhance productivity. Legal technical solutions providers are certain to transition and embrace current AI technologies in order to help legal enterprises develop. One in-depth study of the legal field estimated that AI would reduce lawyers’ billing hours by only 13 percent over the next five years, however, it will also increase the number of work lawyers will be able to accomplish with the use of technology. 

Moreover, there are many who believe that AI will never be able to replace human lawyers. After all, the legal profession is built on relationships and understanding complex human emotions. Emotions and relationships are something that AI simply cannot replicate.

For example, imagine you are going through a divorce. Would you rather have your case handled by a machine or by a human lawyer who understands the emotional rollercoaster you are on? Other use cases include criminal law, where a human lawyer is needed to navigate the complex legal system and ensure their client’s rights are protected. And what can one say about legal issues startups are facing? These are sometimes so difficult that one lawyer and accountant are not enough.

So while AI may well put some legal assistants and clerks out of business, it is unlikely to replace lawyers entirely. There will always be a need for human lawyers to handle the more complex cases. But for simple tasks such as document review, AI is likely to be a good option.

Companies like LEGID are actually enabling lawyers to work virtually from anywhere, providing them with an alternative channel for practicing law and fostering a better work-life balance. In fact, LEGID is not just focused on disrupting the legal industry. We are thinking of how to help people, empower them in this industry to be more efficient and active.

Our unique AI powered marketplace makes it easy for lawyers to find work, manage cases, as well as get paid, without having to worry about the administrative tasks that can often take up so much of their time. As a result, we make it easier to expand their practices, take on more clients, and ultimately provide a better and faster service to their clients.

In short, LEGID is changing the way lawyers work, and we truly believe that this will ultimately benefit both lawyers and their clients. So if you’re a lawyer, or considering a career in law (e.g., a law student), don’t be afraid of the rise of artificial intelligence. Instead, embrace it and use it to your advantage, with LEGID.

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