a person who has ordered legal services on LEGID (hereinafter the Client) (name, registry code / personal identification code / date of birth – disclosed within the Service),


a person providing legal services on LEGID (hereinafter the Lawyer),

hereinafter referred to as the Party or collectively referred to as the Parties, have entered into this contract (hereinafter: the Contract) within LEGID (the Service) as follows:

1. Obligations of the Lawyer

1.1     The Lawyer undertakes to render legal services for the Client according to the Client’s demand for services involving the provision of legal services (the Request) placed by the Client using the Service. This Contract comes into force with the provision of legal services. The Lawyer’s offer (ofert) for the conclusion of the Contract is considered to have been made from the moment the Lawyer submitted a proposal in accordance with the Request placed by the Client using the Service. The Client’s consent (aktsept) to the conclusion of the Contract is considered to have been given from the moment the Client accepted the proposal of the Lawyer forwarded to the Client by the Service. The Client and the Lawyer do not have to perform additional actions for concluding the Contract.

1.2     The Lawyer is obliged to keep the Client well informed about the services provided and follow as much as possible the professional ethics.

1.3     The Lawyer is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the information entrusted to the Lawyer by the Client and not use the aforementioned data against the Client.

1.4     The Lawyer is not responsible for the decision of a third bodies and government agencies. 

2. Terms for rendering legal services

2.1     The details and conditions concerning the tasks rendered by the Lawyer shall be agreed upon between the Parties within the Service. The agreement may be made conveyed by conclusion of the Contract and further during communication in the chat of the Service.

2.2     The Lawyer shall have all the lawful rights for rendering the services, except when the Client has limited those rights in writing.

2.3     The Lawyer rightfully assumes, that employees of the Client that contact the Lawyer concerning services rendered by the Lawyer and are aware of the substance of these services, are entitled to represent the Client in relations with the Lawyer. If the Lawyer finds the authorization questionable, it is obliged to inform the Client. The Lawyer may involve in the provision of services other specialists from its legal entity.

2.4     When performing their obligations stipulated in the Contract the Parties shall:

2.4.1      act in good faith, in good will and consider mutual interests.

2.4.2      keep confidential any information received during the performance of their obligations regarding the other Party.

2.4.3      notify each other immediately about any impediments relating to the performance of their obligations that have incurred or which are likely to incur.

2.5     The Client is entitled to receive materials and information concerning the state of affairs of the rendering of legal services, when issuing a request to the Lawyer in writing.

2.6     The Client is aware, that the legal services of the Lawyer do not preclude the possibility that a body solving a legal dispute may decide the case against the Clients’ interests.

2.7     The Client is aware, that formulating the tasks and clarification-applications to the Lawyer and answering the Lawyers’ questions as exactly, precisely and on time, as possible, reduces the time the Lawyer devotes to providing legal services and consequently the fee the Client pays for the services.

3. Obligations of the Client

3.1     The Client is obliged to:

3.1.1      precisely formulate orders and provide all the necessary documents and other information pertinent to the fulfilment thereto.

3.1.2      pay for the services as stipulated in article 4 of the Contract.

3.1.3      cooperate by other means necessary for the Lawyer for rendering the services as stipulated in the Contract.

3.1.4      inform the Lawyer of all the circumstances that might affect the fulfilment of the Contract and the substance of the services rendered.

3.2 The Client shall not make public any information or opinions received from the Lawyer without the prior written consent of the Lawyer.

4. Payment for the services provided

4.1     The Client shall pay for services involving the legal services provided to the Client in compliance with the Request posted by the Client through the Service and the proposal picked by the Client from the proposals of the Lawyers communicated to the Client by the Service, exclusively using the function of cashless payment through a Linked Bank Card as stipulated in the Terms of Use of the Service.

4.2    The Lawyer has the right to ask for an additional payment in the amount in accordance with the Clarification made by the Client in case the Clarification is out of the initial Request’s scope and to begin or continue rendering services only if the additional payment has accrued.

5. Principles of payment

5.1     The Client shall pay for services involving the legal services provided to the Client by the Lawyer in compliance with the Terms of Use of the Service.

5.2     Should there be any objections to the invoice (including the amount of services actually rendered), the Client is entitled to file a dispute in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Service. If the Client does not present its objections within the term provided for in the Terms of Use of the Service, it is considered to have no objections to the invoice and the details therein.

6. Duration and termination of the Contract

6.1     The Contract enters into force as stipulated in article 1.1 of the Contract and is valid until the Request is executed.

6.2     The Contract shall be terminated by the Lawyer subject to the Terms of Use of the Service:

6.2.1      if there appears a conflict of interests or the Client does not fulfil a request of the Lawyer on provision of “know your client” (the KYC) information;

6.2.2      if the Client’s actions are in conflict with the advices of the Lawyer or the Client demonstrates in other ways that there exists a lack of confidence in the Lawyer;

6.2.3      if the Client provides the Lawyer with guidance that is damaging to the interests of the Client or is clearly valueless for the providing of services and despite contradictory advice from the Lawyer continues to demand that the Lawyer ought to follow them;

6.2.4      if the Client requests legal services in connection with a transaction which raises suspicion concerning possible links with money laundering or terrorist financing and the Client fails to present documents and relevant information requested by the Lawyer to eliminate the suspicions that the aim of the actions or transactions could be money laundering or terrorist financing.

6.3     The declination from legal services by the Lawyer results in the loss of the Lawyer’s right to demand payment for services that have already been rendered.

6.4     When terminating the Contract by the Lawyer, it shall be followed that the Client is proposed by the Service with an opportunity to find a new lawyer within the Service.

6.5     If the rendering of legal services becomes impossible due to a conflict of interests, lack of knowledge, the inability to agree upon a common legal position or some other reason, then the Lawyer shall immediately inform the Client.

6.6     The Client reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the Contract at any chosen time before the fulfilment of the Confirmed Request irrespective of the reason (or e.g. if there exists a lack of confidence in the Lawyer’s services or the quality thereof). The cancellation of the Contract does imply to the Client the obligation to pay the Cancellation Fee as stipulated by the Terms of Use of the Service.

7. Final provisions

7.1     The information (notices), invoices, and all other documentation necessary for providing legal services will be delivered to the Client via e-mail or through the Service’s User Interface (the UI). Unless agreed otherwise the choice will be made by the Lawyer.

7.2 In matters not regulated in the Contract, the provisions of the Terms of Use of the Service shall apply.

7.3     The laws of the place of residence of the Client apply to this Contract.

7.4     Any disputes that may arise between the Parties on the basis of this Contract shall be settled first using the dispute resolution system (quality control) provided for in the Terms of Use of the Service and in case of an unsatisfactory result for any Party shall be finally settled between the Parties and referred to a corresponding court in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the place of residence of the Client.

8. Processing of personal data

8.1     The Client confirms its/his/her consent/right for use and transfer to the Lawyer of personal data (of the Client or data entrusted by it, in case the Client is a legal entity) for processing under conditions of confidentiality and in the manner provided for by applicable laws. Processing and / or transfer of personal data may be carried out solely for the purpose of fulfilling obligations under this Contract, including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification, updating, modification, use, distribution (including transfer), depersonalization, destruction.

8.2     In this respect, the Client guarantees it has a right to process personal data of the Data subjects (i.e. its clients, partners, employees, members of the management bodies) necessary for the performance of the Contract and that the provision of the information by the Client, the content of the information and the use of the information by the Lawyer under the terms of the Contract do not violate third-party rights, provisions of current applicable laws, including laws on personal data, are free and clear of any third-party rights and will not entail any obligations for the Lawyer to pay any damages to third parties or regulatory bodies.