10 Ways LEGID Helps With Business Legal Services

10 Ways LEGID Helps With Business Legal Services

LEGID enables companies to engage with lawyers in a much more efficient and economical way. This article will explore the main benefits of using LEGID for business legal services.

1. We help you save time and avoid stress by finding affordable, vetted lawyers fast
Companies can save valuable time searching for the right lawyer, negotiating prices and completing paperwork. Lawyers on LEGID are screened to ensure they have relevant expertise in your industry along with all the necessary certifications to do the job well. Their legal credentials are also verified to ensure they are accurate. You can book an appointment within minutes, seeing the total cost of the legal services upfront.

2. We provide your business with cost-saving benefits
LEGID is a cost-saving, risk-reducing alternative to high hourly rates and unpredictable legal expenses. As a company, you can search for a lawyer recommended by someone you trust or see the average price charged by others in your industry. Perhaps most importantly, LEGID has active lawyers across many areas of expertise so that you can compare and only pay for what you want.

3. We enable you to access a lawyer through a simple, secured messenger interface
LEGID’s real-time messaging service simplifies and speeds up communication between you and your lawyer. It is an innovative, time-saving solution that eliminates wasteful back-and-forth emails or the need for phone calls. Our innovative AI-powered platform will find the right lawyer for your business needs and connect you instantly.

4. We provide fast, efficient dispute resolution for our business legal services
LEGID’s revolutionary dispute resolution system protects your business from the risks of engaging a lawyer in the first place: if something goes wrong with your legal service, we will immediately search for a solution. This unique feature enables us to protect your best interests as a client without wasting your time or money.

5. We empower companies with peace of mind for an affordable price
LEGID is a cost-effective alternative to expensive business legal services because our selection process screens lawyers by industry and area of expertise so there are no hidden charges or unexpected expenses down the line. Unlike other online legal services, LEGID is not an unbundled marketplace for 10-minute consultations; you will receive premium legal services for a low flat fee without any hourly rate surprises.

6. We guarantee upfront pricing with no hidden costs
At LEGID, all legal costs are fixed and transparent. No hidden charges or unexpected expenses. You will know exactly how much your service will cost before you buy. Our pricing system is simple: you choose the lawyer, subject matter expertise and services that best suit your case and agree a price upfront with no need for an hourly rate budgeting exercise.

Unexpected legal costs are the number one cause of company disputes, yet they are avoidable. With LEGID’s transparent system, you always know how much your service will cost before you pay. Unlike other online legal services where legal costs can quickly spiral out of control, no matter how large or complex your case is, our platform provides your business with expert, affordable legal aid.

7. We vet all of our service providers
At LEGID, all lawyers are verified by us to ensure that their expertise and credentials are accurate. We also verify their legal credentials to provide you with transparency in case something goes wrong. This enables you to make informed decisions about the lawyer you choose.

8. We make sure that you get the specific legal aid you need
When you use LEGID, you choose the lawyer that best meets your business legal services needs. Our attorneys specialize in your industry and topic, so you are always certain that you will have legal assistance for your situation – with no unwelcome surprises down the line.

9. We cover all legal areas for companies
LEGID’s network of verified lawyers covers all legal areas, from intellectual property and litigation to employment law and real estate. No matter what stage your business is at or whether you require a small claim or a more significant investment from a lawyer, LEGID has the right solution for you.

10. The ability to compare services and prices
LEGID’s range of legal services makes it easy for you to compare lawyers, prices, and choose the right one for your case. Our online platform is simple, intuitive and quick so you can connect with a lawyer from anywhere in the world as soon as possible.


With LEGID’s unique features, businesses will get peace of mind. Our services are available 24/7 for anyone in the world. With no hidden charges, upfront pricing and transparent disputes resolution service you can be confident that LEGID provides the best offer for your company’s legal needs.